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Slimclick Magnetic Bookmark "Im kind of a Pig deal"

Slimclick Magnetic Bookmark "Im kind of a Pig deal"

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Magnetic Bookmark for only $3.99!
Experience a super-strong "click" hold with full-size custom cut magnets. Its ultra-slim profile ensures minimal thickness, making it practically invisible in your books. Enhance your reading with this sleek and reliable bookmark solution.
Every bookmark features art from my original canvas paintings.
This one features...
"Dr. Pig"
One day I had an extremely bad doctors appointment. This particular doctor was an absolute monster, I came home fuming. He had yelled at me until I vomited. The man should be... I digress. The best I could do to combat that upset, sleepless night was stay up and paint his portrait. Meet Dr. Pig. Notice how he seems like to glow in a spot light? That's just his god complex shining for umm no one in that desolate land to see, but he  doesn't care, he's better than everyone right? That stubby little tail sure is unfortunate bwahahahaha ( little man syndrome can be a B)



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Thanks you so much for purchasing a piece of my heart. I hope that it brings you years of enjoyment and carries with it my lively spirit!