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"The Office Visit" 8x10 Simple Laminated Print

"The Office Visit" 8x10 Simple Laminated Print

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8x10 Photo Paper Print - Laminated


"The office visit"
This is a very personal piece. This was painted when my doctors were gas lighting me (ended up being cancer) and telling me it was anxiety or all in my head. This is me screaming "DONT YOU SEE ME?" Can't you see this magnificent being you are ignoring, I'm dying please listen. The blanket across her legs symbolize your treatment during office visits. Will they be nice like the beautiful side of the drape? Or will they be ugly like the tattered side? You just never know. 
I presented this to doctor at the time as a gift, in my autistic way to "reach" them at that time to no avail. 



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Thanks you so much for purchasing a piece of my heart. I hope that it brings you years of enjoyment and carries with it my lively spirit!