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"Brett McDouchebag" 4" Waterproof Magnet Print

"Brett McDouchebag" 4" Waterproof Magnet Print

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Introducing "Brett McDouchebag" 4" waterproof magnet print: made from a magnet sheet, printable vinyl, laminated with a holographic finish and rendered waterproof. Perfect for long-term outdoor and indoor use – 100% waterproof!

Display on your refrigerator
Spice up your desk at work
Slap it on your locker
Featuring my painting...
"Brett McDouchebag"
Ok Ladies we've all known at least one of these guys. He's the name dropper during golf frat boy who "pulls all the chics". You know the one. Owns a croquet mallet but has never played. THAT guy. Ive known a few myself and so I chose to immortalize him lol.



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Thanks you so much for purchasing a piece of my heart. I hope that it brings you years of enjoyment and carries with it my lively spirit!