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Slimclick Magnetic Bookmark "Not a hugger'"

Slimclick Magnetic Bookmark "Not a hugger'"

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Magnetic Bookmark for only $3.99!

Experience a super-strong "click" hold with full-size custom cut magnets. Its ultra-slim profile ensures minimal thickness, making it practically invisible in your books. Enhance your reading with this sleek and reliable bookmark solution.


Every bookmark features art from my original canvas paintings.

This one features...

"The Backwards Queen."

This piece has a lot to say. Is that her hair or is her head on backwards, maybe we should just back away and not ask. Her straight jacket sweater doesn't sit quite well with me..But don't cross this queen she has more up her sleeve than mets the eye. From her leaf pressed crown made from leaves from a tree in my backyard, to her gold "bars". She's not one to mess with and somehow always prospers, perhaps that Chinese symbol has something to do with it?



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5 to Life Studios

Thanks you so much for purchasing a piece of my heart. I hope that it brings you years of enjoyment and carries with it my lively spirit!